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John Henry Hyson

Hello! My name is John Henry Hyson. Welcome to my site!

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I am a 46-year old chub slave and cock-worshiping faggot living in New Jersey. I am short, fat, and bald, with a tiny micro-penis. My phone # is 609-969-0287. My email is My BDSMLR is exposlavefag and my Kik is exposlavefag. I am addicted to humiliation and crave ridicule and laughter. Being degraded feels natural to me. I am naturally a lesser being than Real Men and deserve to be degraded and abused by Alpha Males as the omega sissy sub I was born to be.

Being publicly named and shamed on Absolutely Exposed is how a lowly toilet faggot like me should expect to be treated. My worthless little clit is rock hard thinking about the thousands of men who will see me and laugh at me. I am a freak and a dick-sucking clown who belongs in the Public Fag Zoo with the rest of the fag animals. I want to be a caged beast on permanent public display with no way to hide or escape.

Please share my shame on Tumblr, Kik, Xtube, XHamster, Twitter, and anywhere elae you can think of. Download my photos and use them to humiliate me. Give me embarassing tasks and force me to say terrible things about myself. Make me a fag puppet and pull my strings. Take control away from me and treat me like the silly little slave fag I am. Contact me and let me know you have seen my secret slut self and laugh at my pathetic predicament.

Never let me forget that I am an Absolutely Exposed Faggot Slave Whore - trapped and caged by my own filthy addictions and mindless, cum-craving soul.

Twitter: exposlavepig
Flickr: Exposed Fag Slave

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!